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NEW & ENHANCED: Loctite® 638, Loctite® 648 & Loctite® 680 Retainers


In anticipation of tomorrow’s industry requirements, we’ve made these proven products even better. Our customers will benefit from:

  • Formulations that cut through oil, have temperature resistance up to 180°C, and will cure on inactive metal surfaces without a primer.
  • Increased strength & reliability
  • Lower costs compared to mechanical assembly techniques
  • Prevention of fretting, oxidation & corrosion
  • Consistent and predictable disassembly



Upgrade Loctite® 638 Retaining Compound

Maximum strength; For use where high dynamic force or cyclic loading is expected.

Upgrade Loctite® 648 Retaining Compound

Press Fit / High Strength / Rapid Cure. A retaining compound recommended for continuous working.

Upgrade Loctite® 680 Retaining Compound

Gives best resistance to dynamic, axial and radial loads. Recommended for retaining shafts, gears, pulleys, and similar cylindrical parts.


Areas of Application

  • Retaining: applications where cylindrical parts, bearings or bushes need to be secured into housings or onto shafts, for example: holding gears and sprockets onto gearbox shafts or rotors on electric motor shafts.
  • Target industries include manufacturing as well as maintenance of equipment and machines like vehicles, motors, propellers, fans, cranes etc. 

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