Thread Sealing

Thread Sealing - Loctite thread sealants seal and secure plugs, pipes, and fittings. They can fill spaces between threaded metal parts, later hardening to prevent and stop leakages.  Loctite has a wide range of pipe thread sealants which are formulated specifically for certain materials with differing properties.

Properties of Loctite Thread sealing
  • Prevent and stop leakages
  • Single component – quick and easy to apply  
  • Can be used on any size pipe fitting and seal to the burst strength of
    most piping systems
  • Corrosion protection for thread
  • Seal and secure metal pipes and fittings, filling the space between
    threaded metal parts and hardening to
    prevent and stop leakages
  • Designed for high and low pressure applications
  • Controlled strength of ease of disassembly

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