Power Plant Maintenance & Surface Engineering Solutions

From the teardown of an ash pump to the installation of a primary air fan, Loctite® products can increase equipment reliability and lower the expensive downtime associated with the maintenance of a plant.

From the moment coal is dumped and makes its way to the crusher, to the time the electricity from the turbine makes its way to the grid, Loctite product solutions and hands-on maintenance solutions training can be utilized to benefit the operations of the plant.  Loctite expertise in the power plants can be used to train the maintenance staff how to:

  • Prevent abrasion and repair chutes in crusher house
  • Prevent abrasion to pipes, walls and pulverizer cones
  • Repair worn fan shafts
  • Repair and prevent cavitation in cooling water pumps
  • Lining crusher plates and crusher plant conveyor belt repair
  • Protect pump and heat exchanges from erosion and corrosion
  • Protect and repair ash handling equipment

LOCTITE Composite Pipe Repair System

Surface Engineering Solution Case Studies

Repair Emergency Pipe Leak with Loctite® Pipe Repair Kit
Loctite® Pipe Repair Kit helps to repair the inner surface corrosion or leakage of pipe work. The job was done insitu resulted in no down time.

Pump Repair 
Loctite® Nordbak® Brushable Ceramic reclaims the corroded and eroded pump, saves energy and increases fluid flow.

Loctite Protected Bowl Mill Pulveriser in Power Station 
Loctite® Nordbak® Pneu Wear saved this Power Station time and money as welding  and hard facing was avoided by using Nordbak® Pneu Wear.

Pulveriser Mill Repair
Loctite® Nordbak® High Temperature Brushable Ceramic protects Pulveriser Mill at the Coal Fired Power Plant be suffering from severe corrosion.

Unprecedented corrosion protection with Loctite® Nordbak® High Temperature Brushable Ceramic
Rehabilitating & resurfacing Bag House Filter areas of Zinc Smelter from condensation and contaminants caused corrosion after cooling from high temperature.

Increasing efficiency and extend life of condenser with Loctite Wear Resistant putty and Brushable Ceramic

Mining Steel Petrochemical Chemical Containment

General Equipment Waste Water Oil & Gas