Henkel offers a wide range of products which provide structural bonding solutions that:

  • Clean and convert prime steel and aluminum
  • Secure bolt threads
  • Bond components to the frame
  • Affix cargo liners and fabrics

Our unique portfolio offers the versatility of the Teroson® and Loctite® product line to increase frame strength and the Teroson® and Loctite® line of undercoatings to prevent corrosion and improve NVH characteristics.  The result of using these products is a more comfortable and reliable ride for the caravan, recreational vehicle, truck and trailer manufacturers.

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Loctite 243 Medium Strength Threadlocker
Loctite® 263 High Strength Threadlocker
Loctite 561 PST Pipe Sealant Stick, Thread Sealing
Loctite ® 290™ Medium Strength Threadlocker
Loctite® 249 Quicktape Medium Strength Threadlocker Tape
Loctite ® 577™ Thread Sealant, Thread sealing
Loctite ® 567™ PST ® Thread Sealant
Terostat ® MS 939™ Black
LOCTITE 268 Threadlocker Stick, High Strength
Loctite 2760 High Strength Threadlocker
Loctite® 638 Retaining Compound
Loctite® 648 Retaining Compound
Loctite® 680 Retaining Compound
Loctite 543 Thread Sealant

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