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Oil & Gas Field Assembly Solutions

Challenges faced in the Oil and Gas Industry today involve refinery maintenance and exploiting unconventional resources which can be very expensive and dangerous, due to high pressure and temperature conditions on equipment. In Australia, the demand for more reliable, safe, productive equipment in the LNG and refinery industry and for less downtime & fewer field failures is higher than ever. This renders maintenance in the oil and gas industry a top priority for all key industry players.

The design and assembly of equipment for Oil & Gas are always critical indeed. Proper usage of specified high quality adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings can help improve oil and gas field machinery and equipment quality, efficiency and life expectancy. Therefore, it will improve the profitability of a multimillion dollar operation.

Benefits from Henkel's LOCTITE

Henkel Australia provides Oil and Gas industry, especially in LNG and refinery with engineering solutionsand better maintenance that increase reliabilityof equipment and reduce downtime.

  • LOCTITE is a trusted brand of choice in the Oil and Gas equipment industry for over 50 years.
  • LOCTITE provides a complete line of high performance adhesives, sealants and lubricants.
  • Our qualified chemists and engineers keep developing innovative products and solutions.
  • LOCTITE products save weight, time, energy, scrap, failures, and process complexity.

Application categories

Thread Sealing
General Bonding
 - Rapid Fixture
 - Structural StrengthPotting and Encapsulating
Wear Resistant Coatings
Anti-Seize Lubricants
Metal Pretreatment and Functional Coatings

Oil & gas Industry Video Library

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We are delighted to announce the four luck winners of our Oil & Gas MRO Tool Kit competition which closed on 31st July 2014. Each winner will receive a brand new Loctite MRO Tool Kit and a unique designed Loctite radio. Congratulations!

The Winners are:
Kevin S. from TAS
Warren W. from WA
Sichler K. from QLD
Geoffrey G. from QLD


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