Beverage Equipment Repair and Maintenance

From the uncaser to the bottle washer and on to the pallatizer, Loctite® product solutions facilitate beverage equipment repair and are widely used in the maintenance for beverage equipment. They are also ideal for corrosion prevention in the beverage industry.

Has vibration in the high speed line caused a leak of a fluid line, or is misalignment leading to broken containers and glass contamination?  Has wear and corrosion of the bottle washer components increased the equipment downtime?  Loctite® product expertise applied to the equipment used in this industry can show your maintenance staff how to stop redundant problems and increase equipment productivity to:

  • Prevent wear and corrosion to the fixing bar in the bottle washer guide
  • Prevent bottle breakages in the steam washer
  • Stop and prevent leaks in the washing plate flanges, eliminate cleanup
  • Guarantee proper cap placement on high speed cappers

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