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Henkel Announces Launch of Liquid Optical Clear Bonding Technology

Henkel – the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for industrial applications, announces the launch of Loctite® Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives (LOCAs) for cover lens bonding, touch panel sensor assembly and direct bonding applications in touch panel and display devices including mobile phones, tablets, monitors, televisions and outdoor signage.

These innovative liquid optically clear adhesive products offer:

  • Superior optical properties which improve the end-user viewing experience with increased contrast ratio by 400% in sunlight
  • High durability which increases the display ruggedness by up to 3X
  • Extending the battery life by reducing the light loss due to reflection, the end user can get a superior viewing experience with less power consumption which greatly extends the battery life.
  • Overcome challenges typically faced with optically clear adhesive tapes & films
    • Improved processing with ability to fill various gaps and reduce the occurrence of bubbles at the ink step of the cover lens
    • Increased yield with early detection and reparability at pre-cure stage
    • Easy application on large panels, not possible with tapes & films
    • Capability to fully automate the assembly line using LOCAs is easier Vs tapes & films, which leads to increased productivity.

Due to the novel product capabilities, thinner and lighter display designs become more feasible - it allows manufacturing and design engineers of handheld devices and displays to explore innovative and new industry leading optical bonding solutions.

Henkel’s know-how in assembly process and partnerships in design and development of integrated equipment solutions will bring a new field of expertise to the handheld device and display industry.