Loctite ® E-30CL™ Hysol ® Epoxy Structural Adhesive, Glass Bonder

Designed for bonding, small potting, staking and laminating applications where optical clarity and excellent structural, mechanical, and electrical insulating properties are required.
Impact resistant adhesives, gap filling, for bonding glass, optical fibers, ceramics, metals, and many rigid plastics.

Structural Bonding - Epoxies
Epoxies are structural adhesives which come in one and two-part systems. Epoxies provide unlimited gap filling capabilities and cure through depth, excellent thermal and chemical resistance, high cohesive strength (strength within the adhesive), low shrinkage, good shear and peel strength, and many epoxies are machineable and paintable. Epoxies also have formulating versatility which can easily facilitate custom epoxy formulations.

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>Loctite® E-05CL Hysol® Epoxy Structural Adhesive, Toughened
Flexible bonding, gap filling, for bonding plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, metal, rubber, and masonry materials.

>Loctite® E-20HP Hysol® Epoxy Structural Adhesive, Fast Setting
For bonding variety of plastics and metals, dry concrete or limestone, gap filling, industrial assemblies and architectural applications.

>Loctite® E-60NC Hysol® Epoxy Structural Adhesive, Electrically Non-Corrosive
For bonding, potting, gap filling and encapsulating electrical components which are sensitive to corrosion.

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