LOCTITE® Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program

Henkel is pleased to announce a partnership with TerraCycle®, an innovative recycling company that offers recycling solutions for the typically non-recyclable.

Through this partnership we have created the Adhesive Recycling Program for our customers, allowing you to recycle LOCTITE anaerobic adhesive packaging instead of sending it to a landfill or incinerator.

LOCTITE Adhesive Recycling Program Box

The Adhesive Recycling Program for anaerobic packaging is made possible through our innovative partnership with TerraCycle®. Through this program, your business can launch or meet your company-wide sustainability goals while still enjoying the benefits of your favorite Henkel products.

            Approx. Capacity 
Small          170 bottles
Medium      455 bottles (Coming soon)

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How Does it Work?
Customers can purchase a postage-paid recycling box to collect their used LOCTITE adhesive containers. Once full, the box is sent to TerraCycle, where the contents will be recycled.

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Contact Us or LOCTITE Industrial sales rep to order recycling boxes.


When you receive your box, place it in an area where the adhesives are applied or discarded.
NOTE: Only the specified empty LOCTITE adhesive packaging should be placed into the collection box. All bottles must be capped and tightly closed.

Once the box is full, the liner must be sealed using the zip tie that is included under the lid of each box. The top of the box should be securely sealed with packing tape and placed in your designated courier pick-up area.

When TerraCycle receives your box, the adhesive packaging will be recycled and made into new and innovative products.

When TerraCycle receives the Adhesive Recycling boxes:

  • Adhesive Packaging is cryogenically or thermally treated in order to deactivate the adhesive
  • Material is melted into sheets
  • The sheets are shredded and pelletized
  • Pellets are turned into new products

Program Eligible Products
LOCTITE 222 Screw Lock Low Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 2046 Food Grade Medium Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 243 Nut Lock Medium Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 248 Medium Strength Threadlocker Stick
LOCTITE 263 Stud Lock High Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 262 High Strength Mil-Spec Red Threadlocker
LOCTITE 268 High Strength Threadlocker Stick
LOCTITE® 271 High Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 272 High Temperature High Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 277 High Chemical Resistance High Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 2760 High Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 290 Wick In Medium Strength Threadlocker
LOCTITE 55 Pipe Sealing Cord
LOCTITE 542 Medium Strength Fast Cure Hydraulic Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 561 PST Controlled Strength Thread Sealant Stick
LOCTITE 565 PST Controlled Strength Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 567 High Temperature Controlled Strength Master Pipe Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 569 Low Strength Fast Cure Hydraulic Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 577 High Pressure Medium Strength Fast Cure Pipe Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 5770 High Temperature High Strength Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 2422 Ultra High Temperature, Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker
LOCTITE 5331 Low Pressure Plastic Fitting Thread Sealant
LOCTITE Gasket Sealant # 1
LOCTITE Gasket Sealant # 2
LOCTITE MR 5923 Aviation Gasket Sealant #3
LOCTITE Gasket Cement #4
LOCTITE 510 Gasket Eliminator®
LOCTITE 515 Flexible Master Gasket® Sealant
LOCTITE 518 Gasket Eliminator® Sealant
LOCTITE 573 Gasket Sealant
LOCTITE Hi-Tack Gasket Sealant
LOCTITE Hi -Temp Flange Sealant
LOCTITE 5127 Flexible Anaerobic Gasket Eliminator
LOCTITE Hi-Flex Gasket Maker
LOCTITE 609 Medium/High Strength Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 620 High Temperature High Strength Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 635 High Strength Slow Cure Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 638 High Strength Fast Cure Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 640 High Temperature High Strength Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 641 Bearing Mount Medium Strength Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 648 High Strength Fast Cure Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 660 Quickmetal® Press Fit High Strength Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 680 Very High Strength Fast Cure Retaining Compound
LOCTITE 232 Wheelmount Retaining Compound