Loctite ® 567™ PST ® Thread Sealant

Loctite® 567™ PST® Thread Sealant is a general purpose instant sealer for tapered and straight/tapered fittings. With excellent solvent resistance, it can prevent galling and withstand temperatures up to 400° F (204°C). Excellent for high pressure applications: locks and seals tapered metal, pipe threads and fittings. It is ideal for stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal and other inert metals. Disassembles with hand tools.

Loctite Thread Sealants
Thread sealants prevent leakage of gases and liquids from pipe joints. All such joints are considered to be dynamic due to vibration, changing pressures or changing temperatures. Loctite anaerobic sealants cure to insoluble tough plastic thread fillers which prevent leakage regardless of the torque applied.
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Other Top Pick Thread Sealants Products

Loctite® 55
Faster, more versatile pipe sealant which out-dates traditional tapes and hemp/pastes combinations. Provides an instant seal and allows back-off to align fittings.

  • Plumbing Safety License AS/NZS 4020:2002 Cert No.8638 (Potable Water).
  • AGA Certificate 6007 to 2400kPa(Gas).

Loctite® 561
Semi-solid stick formula offers added convenience and portability. Formulated for fast, reliable curing on metal, tapered pipe threads and fittings. Provides high pressure sealing at operating temperatures up to 150ºC.

Loctite® 567™
Recommended for all coarse metal threads where slow cure is required to prolong timeframe for adjusting valves and fittings.

  • AGA Certificate 3207 to1050kPa (Gas)

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