Loctite 349™ Impruv ® UV Light Cure Adhesive

Loctite ® 349™ Impruv ® High viscosity, UV cure product bonds and seals glass to glass or glass to metal components such as precision optical devises, furniture and industrial devises. The electrical properties of thisproduct also make it suitable for potting and tacking.

Loctite Light Cure Adhesives

• Used in bonding, encapsulating, coating, tacking and sealing applications
• Single component, solvent-free
• Cure in seconds when exposed to UV/visible light sources
• Some light cure adhesives can be combined with activator-curing methods to meet specific application requirements
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Other Light Cure Adhesives:
Loctite ® 3105™ UV/V Light Cure Adhesive

UV/V light cure adhesive, High strength, low viscosity, primarliy designed for bonding rigid and flexible PVC to polycarbonate
Loctite 4305 UV/V Light Cure Adhesive
Light Cure Adhesive, high plastic adhesion, low intensity cure, ISO 10993 certified. Suitable for use in disposable medical devices bonding.
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UV/V cure equipment & meters
Henkel offers the widest selection of light cure equipment. Whether a customer’s UV light adhesive curing application calls for a conveyor system, an enclosed chamber or an ultraviolet lamp flood unit, Henkel provides a high-quality solution. Henkel also offers visible light curing and point source exposure using a wand or hand held LED source. Plus, the company has cost-effective UV light meters to insure the accuracy of the curing process. More...

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