The free service from Henkel is a boon for design engineers - and helps to cut manufacturing costs.
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Saving costs is the name of the game -  On the other hand, strict quality standards must be enforced, leaving the design and production engineer with the problem of having to maintain, or even improve, quality while reducing manufacturing cost. So any service which can help in that process must be very welcome - even more so when that facility is free.

An ever increasing number of engineers are incorporating adhesives into the design of a wide variety of products. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the area of retaining cylindrical components, where RETCALC, the free design service from Henkel, is helping design engineers to calculate which type of joint is best with which Loctite® adhesive under specific conditions.

Although RETCALC (short for retaining calculation) has been around for some time, the company has introduced an improved updated version which allows for additional data inputs and, as a result, provides a more comprehensive output.  Known as RETCALC [plus], this new software program can predict the strength of both bonded and unbonded cylindrical joints.

The procedure is simple.

The data provided is entered into the program at Henkel and the calculations are made as required. The results can then be mailed, faxed or e-mailed back to the enquirer. For instance, given the loading conditions and operational environment  - such as static or dynamic axial loads, static or dynamic torque and rotating bending moment - the program will determine the most appropriate substrates and joint design. Alternatively, if the substrates are known, the load which can be applied in specific environments can be calculated.

Other calculations could include details such as minimum and maximum taper diameter, joint length, clearance and assembly temperature.

In other cases, details of the operating environment, extremes of temperature, the continuous operating temperature and operating medium might be known, but calculations involving tolerances are needed.

The principle behind RETCALC [plus] is simple.  The engineers tell the program what is known, the software calculates the unknown.

More and more design engineers are specifying adhesives in their original drawings. This free service helps calculate the parameters of those designs and, as a consequence, save time and effort. It ensures that much of the testing work can be carried out before any metal is cut. In other words, before too much money is spent.

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