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Think Outside The Bottle

LOCTITE’s iconic red bottle represents the revolution of threadlocking technology, but the range of LOCTITE SOLUTIONS reach far beyond this single application. This infographic shows you how LOCTITE can help you reduce cost and increase reliability in almost every application.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Solutions Guide & Product Selector
For every industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul challenge, Loctite® products have the right solution.

eBook Version
Loctite® Wear Resistant Coatings Selector Guide

Loctite® Wear Resistant Coatings utilize the superior wear properties of ceramic and the convenience of two-part epoxies to protect equipment like pumps, chutes and augers in harsh industrial environments.

Loctite® Sustainable Solutions for Industry
  • Henkel – Leadership in Sustainability
  • Henkel - Our Experience/Your Solutions
  • Sustainable Product and Solutions
  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Maintenance Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions


Loctite® Solutions for Quarries
  • Threadlocking
  • Threadsealing
  • Asset Protection – Anti Seize
  • Asset Protection – Wear Solutions
  • Asset Protection – Conveyor Belt Repair
  • Asset Protection – Crusher
  • Asset Cleaner and Degreaser


Loctite® Solutions for Mining Maintenance, Repair, Rebuild and Protect

This guide has been designed to provide quick and easy assistance to the specialists who service mining equipment and look for reliability, longevity and cost reduction.

Solutions for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Everything you need to know about Loctite branded products for the Automotive Aftermarket and how they serve your application needs.

Surface Engineering Solution – Rebuild, Repair & Protect Industrial Equipment
Rebuild, Repair & Protect Maintenance Guide

eBook Version
Teroson Body Adhesives & Sealants

A guide to the sealants and adhesives for the automotive body repair industry

Maintenance Workshop

Enhancing the skills of your team for installation, repair and rebuild of all equipment

Instant Solutions

The guide to faster, stronger, superior bonding. Loctite products lead the world in Instant Adhesive technology.

Do It Right Users’ Guide

The ‘when, where and how’ to use Loctite maintenance products.

LIVE Mobile Education Centre

Loctite Engineering Solutions Vehicle Guide

Product Solutions for the Plumbing Industry

Loctite sealants for the plumbing industry.

Auto Care & Cleaners Product Guide

Guide to Yuk-Off Auto Care and Cleaners

Plumber’s Pal

The essential on-the-job pocket guide for all plumbers.

Structural Acrylic Adhesives

A guide to specially formulated adhesives for structural bonding.

Industrial Pumps

Rebuild and Maintenance Guide

Power Plant Asset Protection & Repair

A guide to asset protection within power plants.


Surface Engineering Workshop

Trained, Motivated, and Equipped Personnel, Drive costs down.

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